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IndiaPolls will help you understand “What India Thinks!”. We strongly urge corporates, brands, academia and government to consider IndiaPolls for all your research data needs as we are building a panel that promises data of the highest quality, in the most populous country, which is also the fastest growing economy in the world.

IndiaPolls is much, much more than other online communities used for online surveys, most of which are part of a large, global panel. IndiaPolls is built specifically for India, offers complete focus on ‘right-recruiting’ from India, and specifically caters to the different needs of the Indian respondent and the end-client. This results in capturing genuine respondent opinions from an engaged, diverse and client-relevant community. Further, IndiaPolls has an India-centric team that can merge the online world with the physical world and also manage non-standard data collection projects. This addresses a big need gap, and we are here to help.

And most exciting of all, our panel is in Hindi too! This literally opens up a whole new world of survey respondents who have till now been left out of the online research world, yet make up the majority. More regional languages are coming, and soon.
IndiaPolls is the only dedicated community for collecting opinions in India, that is made ONLY FOR INDIA, and is fully MADE IN INDIA!


IndiaPolls is very effective in recruiting for offline research, for qualitative interviews and group discussions (both virtual and physical) and IHUTs (in-home usage tests). We also use outbound calling to encourage specific hard-to-reach target audience members to participate, unlike pure-play panels.

The various personas we cover include:

  • Consumers – from ultra high net worth to low income, urban and rural, and across age groups, including sub-panels focused on housewives and students.

  • Business decision makers – IT, retail, consumer etc.

  • Doctors and healthcare

Apart from demographics, respondents are profiled based on ownership, usage, interest areas, and use of technology.
For clients who need to build their own panel of customers/non-customers, hard to reach samples, power users, influencers etc, we can build dedicated sub-panel from IndiaPolls respondents. 

Community members are compensated for their time. They get iPoints, with each iPoint equivalent to one rupee. They earn through registering, participating in surveys, referring members and in our exciting one-of-a-kind weekly challenge, “Kaun Jeetega Sweepstakes”. The result? A highly engaged and invested panel!


We have a scientific and planned member recruitment process in order to have a robust representation of all demographic and target groups. Members are verified through a double opt-in both during registration and at the pre-survey stage.
IndiaPolls is available online on the web, Google Play Store and Apple App Store. We are WhatsApp and SMS enabled.

Visit us at!

We would be very happy to discuss our offering further with you. Please contact us here.
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